June 26, 2017 | 7:11 am
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2011 Big Ten football odds: where does Michigan sit with Vegas sportsbooks?

Hoke stresses defense, which is something Michigan desperately needs to improve on.

“I think it’s great that Big Ten got Nebraska to come in.” Joe A. “They are always a good team, and it will make the conference even tougher.”

- Purdue +6000

Are you ready for some football? The 2011 Big Ten football odds are out! It’s hard to believe, but the 4th of July has come and gone and hardcore Big Ten football fans are gearing up for another exciting season.

Here is a look at the current odds for the 2011 Big Ten title.

- Nebraska +150

- Minnesota +10000

- Northwestern +1500

- Penn State +250

- Michigan +1500

- Ohio State +500

- Illinois +2000

- Iowa +800

- Wisconsin +650

According to gaming web site betvega, Nebraska is the favorite to win the Big Ten title this season.

- Michigan State +800

The Wolverines were near the bottom in total defense of not just the Big Ten, but the entire nation!.

- Indiana +8000

Can the Wolverines compete this year for the Big Ten title? It will be difficult. of Warren said. Ohio State will be a train wreck, but the Nebraska Corn Huskers will be making their Big Ten debut, and they are tough!. In Michigan, the Wolverines expectations come with many questions…Rich Rod is gone, but he did develop one of the best offenses in the NCAA. Enter coach Brady Hoke, a former Michigan Wolverine, and now the whole game plan has changed again