June 29, 2017 | 5:35 am
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‘Who Dat Nation” and Why I am Betting for The Saints to Win the Super Bowl XLIV

Now about Peyton Manning, I call him the smartest QB, watch his move and you know he is calculating every move he makes. Surely the Colts can beat them, but for humanitarian purposes I want them to win. I just whispered it silently.

Why I am Betting for the Saints to Win — The GUITAR

My friends told me they will bet on the Colts and they will give me a new guitar if the COLTS will win. Indianapolis Colts have lost once in 1969 and won twice in 1971 and 2007. I have been wondering what does it mean and my friend told me, well, it simply means Who can beat us hehe,. Manning very much.

But hey, I can almost feel the new guitar in my fingers and arms! Wooooo!

. The Super Bowl XLIV game will feature the Saints === their first ever Super Bowl appearance since the team was founded in 1967 and it is the fourth time a Colts franchise team has appeared ever since 1953 (their foundation in 1953 as the Baltimore Colts). Actually he is one win away to being the best quarterback plus the highest paid NFL player after he’ll sign his contract this year.

The Two Teams and Their Records

I am betting for the Saints to win not because of statistics but because I want the Who Dat Nation to win and so their chant Who Dat will take effect. The Saints enter the game with a 13-3 compared to the Colts 14-2. However I am betting for the Saints to win, I have nothing to lose except of course I like P. The Colts entered the Super Bowl off of 203 and 3017 victories, while the Saints advanced with scores of 4514 and 3128 defeating the Arizona Cardinals. During the playoff games both teams had a first round bye. Hey Maita, this is sports, we dont choose and play by emotions and besides, whose got the best quarterback? I want them to be happy and hopefully it will lift their spirits as well. In their three previous Super Bowl appearances by the way it happened all in Miami