June 26, 2017 | 6:59 am
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Bankruptcy Help Forum, articles, blogs, TV channel …

Bankruptcyhelp.org.uk was set up in response to demand from users of sister site, IVA.co.uk, for a dedicated bankruptcy site. Bankruptcy is an option when you have little or no income in order to make any kind of monthly payment to your creditors. The Court will take away from you the responsibility of paying your debts. Bankruptcy usually lasts 12 months, after which time, any unpaid debt is written off.

All you need to know about Bankruptcies

Online Bankruptcy TV channel reports on issues surrounding Bankruptcies and debt which the ‘Bankruptcy Community Blogs’ provide free blogging space for anyone from the Bankruptcy community.

Bankruptcyhelp.org.uk is a community led portal for information and advice about Bankruptcies.

Bankruptcyhelp.org.uk provides providing expert advice and a live forum alongside a regular roundup of the latest news, statistics, and research from the world of debt solutions.