June 29, 2017 | 5:39 am
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Beginners Looking for Jobs in Offshore Oil Rigs

Physical Fitness : Working hours on a oil rig are longer then any other industry, most of the work requires manual work or at least physical fitness to work for such long duration.

So, if you are an employee or employer for offshore oil rigs grab this opportunity and discover new way of online relationship between employee and employer at Rig Worker.

They not only provide service to oil rig employees who are looking for jobs but also to employers who are looking for deserving candidates in there company. Those who do not have any experience must start from the bottom and must be ready to learn.

The only question that people ask is how to get a job in offshore oil rig. Well, if one is really keen in getting employed in offshore oil rig, then he must not leave any stone unturned. Use your contacts in oil industry and apply directly in a offshore oil rig.

3. Those who have a previous experience can easily switch jobs in new companies while those who are fresh must start from bottom as offshore oil rig job is a demading job and therefore direct recruitment is difficult.

1. Online recruitment sites.

Find Employee or Employer for Oil Rig Job

Every illegible job fulfills the requirement of an employee and an employer. Well, getting job in oil rigs is not equivalent to getting job in other industries, there are certain things that only apply to oil rig industry like:-

2. Offshore oil rig is one such place which is not only high paying but also provides all comforts at the work place.

How to find a job in an offshore oil rig?

People who are searching for jobs in oil industry often ask this question ‘How to find a job in an offshore oil rig?’. Such a place also existed on internet which was especially useful for jobs in offshore oil rigs and that place was rigworker.com but today it seems to be just a mail forwarding tool which is not very effective today.

1. Specialized Recruitment Agencies which specialize in oil rig placements.

4. Contacting Website which only deal with offshore oil and gas industry.

2. Placement agencies and contractors provide an opportunity to both. They do charge both of them but for oil rig employers it is a recurring fee and for employees its only one time fee.. Experience with your job : Those who have some previous experience with some offshore oil rigs are given preference, because nature of job in an oil rig is quiet different from other environment. Some of them are :-

3. Qualification : Besides experience and physical fitness, most jobs do require some professional qualification, if you are professionally qualified, physically fit and experience, then getting a job in oil rig isn’t as difficult as it seems to be.

Working in an offshore oil rig

During these in the time of recession people are trying to search for new high paying opportunities. Today there are a number of channels through which one can seek employment anywhere including oil rigs