June 29, 2017 | 5:40 am
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Irresistible Roasted Spiced Cauliflower ‘Candy’

Roasted vegetables even kids love to eat!

A friend gave me this cauliflower recipe, saying her kids call it candy, and that it is the one vegetable dish they BEG her to make.

Cut the cauliflower head into florets before coating it in melted butter or oil, preparing it for the spice mixture.

This roasted, spiced cauliflower recipe is extremely simple to make, and even people who say they do not like cauliflower, or who don’t like veggies period, tend to like this spiced cauliflower dish.

Choose a fresh head of cauliflower, one with a tight crown. Sprinkle onto cauliflower and mix with hands, ensuring that spice mixture has been evenly distributed on the cauliflower.

In a large bowl, toss cauliflower with butter or oil or butter-oil mixture, coating evenly.

Combine sugar and spices to coat the cauliflower prior to roasting.

How to Prepare Spiced Cauliflower

Preheat oven to 475 degrees.

Serve as a side dish, or place on a platter with toothpicks to serve as a passed hors d’oeuvre.. I have made it for myself only — also to rave reviews. Though the recipe calls for one head of cauliflower for 6 servings, I like to roast two heads of cauliflower, as this dish tastes great as leftovers and is a fabulous healthy snack to have on hand.

Cauliflower Candy Recipe: How to make it step-by-step, in pictures

Spread florets on a baking sheet in a single layer and roast in oven until fork tender, at least 20 minutes, and maybe longer. 

Two cookie sheets of cauliflower candy roasting in the oven.

The cauliflower candy as it comes out of the oven, prior to serving.

The finished product! Put in a bowl to serve family style, or pass it on a tray with toothpicks to serve it as an hors d’oeuvre at a party.

In a small bowl, combine sugar, salt and spices. Cut two heads if you want leftovers.

I have made it for dinner parties, to rave reviews