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Lucky 7 Tips on Casino Play

Not much, maybe like $5-10 per hour, or a percentage your winnings on a jackpot hand. Samrt money says take your total gambling budget, divide it by the number of days, then divide that by 3 sessions. If you keep the $5 bet going for 10 staight wins, you win $50. Play a morning, afternoon, and evening session. If you win, he wins, if not his tip is lost to the house. You can do this by leaving every session of play with the some of the casinos money. Your comps will increase with the amount of play recorded on your account. Manage your bankroll. Managing your bankroll is key in any casino trip. More if you had a great rapport with them and had a particularly profitable session. So if you have $1500 to play with for a two day trip, divide it by 2 days, then by three sessions. Same goes with big-mouths and drunks. The following Lucky 7 Tips are intended to help you have a better experience, mainly by helping you make winning decisions.. If you hate cigarette smoke, find the pit, (or casino in town) that has the best smoke-free environment. Focus your energy on making your trip a winning trip. Playing blackjack, or most any other recommended game, you tend to win or lose in streaks. The dealers are gaming folk, so dont be afraid to make bets for them. Place a $1 chip aside your bet, outside the betting circle, and then the dealer is in the hand. If youre sitting with $250 playing blackjack, what are your expectations? That you will turn it into $10,000? In reality, if you can double your session budget in 90 mins of play, why wouldnt you? If you lose the session budget in 15 minutes, why would you continue to play? If youre staying middling, just play until you get bored, again, dont play until your down to the felt. Score victories. It is really proper form to tip the dealers. If you lose any hand, go back to one unit and start again. Get a players club card. The casino is willing to give big comps, but only to people whose play they can track. If youre winning, you cant let some clown with a $5 cigar chase you off the table. Its not always possible, but you can help your cause by not foolishly buy more chips from a dealer who just croaked you cause youre pissed and you think you can win it back. Whether you’re at the slick Peppermill, or at the saw-dusty Sands Regency the atmosphere is designed to get into your psyche, and affect your behavior, ostensibly to empower you to take a run at them and see if you can take some of the houses money. Set win Goals, and loss limits. Try this simple positive progression (that is, increasing your bet based on a positive result of the previous hand) Bet one unit, then two, then three, then five, then five again, then eight units. Use a positive progression system. They can be a real pain-in-the-ass.

4. In the unlikely event that you win 10 straight hands in black jack, if you follow this plan with $5 units, you will yield $255. The session can be long or short, depending on how well you do, and should be ended when you hit a win goal or loss limit.

The casino is a bright n shiny place, with thunderous noise, and blinding lights. Youll end up with$250 to buy chips with at any game. This is a non-transparent economy, so dont be shy about asking the host at the players club questions about what might be available to you.

2. Limit external distractions. Dont stiff the dealers and servers. Dont be afraid to leave the table with a couple of bucs instead of playing down to the felt.

5. Stay away from negative progression bets unless you dont mind spending a lot of time in the hotel room watching TV.

1. Do assert control on where and when you should be playing

7. Dealers do not let it ride, so they will gratefully collect the two dollars, and put it in the toke bin.

6. Dont increase more than eight. If youre having a middling session, dont be afraid to leave the table and find another spot that might suit you better in case you do start streaking.

3. You can go to the players club periodically at inquire about what your balance is, and where you can spend it