June 29, 2017 | 5:21 am
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‘X Factor’ 2013 odds to win: 2 of Simon Cowell’s Groups put up best, worst odds

But all seem certain that there is one clear frontrunner.

But the odds might not hold true. The problem with those kinds of odds is that not one of the other eleven artists are even close to such poor odds.

The top five are consistent throughout in placement, if not in their respective odds of winning. The American voting public can be fickle. Three European oddsmakers place them at 66/1 odds of winning, while one gives them slightly better odds: 50/1. And both artists are part of Judge Simon Cowell’s Groups. Comments can raise the artist’s value or turn the audience against them. So who do the professionals think has the best odds of winning Season 3 of “X Factor?”

“X Factor,” which normally airs on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, altered its schedule for the rest of Season 3, opting to broadcast episodes on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8 p.m. Interviews, stories, and profiles can help and hurt an artist’s chances. Performances matter.

Rion Paige is Judge Demi Lovato’s highest placer, while the artist posting the best odds for Paulina Rubio’s Boys category is Carlito Olivera, who falls outside the top half of the Top 12 at the seventh slot.

Still, long shots will sometimes surprise. So…

Bovada Sportsbook held off until the last few hours prior to the live performances and posted its odds Wednesday, Nov. Song choices can cost votes. In short, anything can happen between the time odds are posted and the final vote count is tabulated.

The consensus second-best odds belong to Over 25s member Lillie McCloud, the oldest competitor in the contest (54 at the time she auditioned). There is also one very obvious trailing artist, one the oddsmakers place almost no faith in to get to the finale and win. But none of those oddsmakers place those two guys at worse than 20/1 odds, which could make the girl group’s name a bit ironic as they wait to be voted off the show during the results episode(s). The other three, in descending order, are Rachel Potter (Over 25s), Alex and Sierra (Groups), and Rion Paige (Judge Demi Lovato’s Girls). European oddsmakers posted theirs earlier. (EST) on Fox Television.

The closest artists to Sweet Suspense are Jeff Gutt (Judge Kelly Rowland’s Over 25s) and Tim Olstad (Judge Paulina Rubio’s Boys, depending upon which oddsmaker you pick. As is customary, there is always one or more artists that stand out and seem to be connecting better with the live and/or online audience/fans, which gives professional oddsmakers something upon which to base their odds of winning.

And yet, given the rousing reception that Restless Road invokes every time the trio performs? The oddsmakers just might have nailed the winner already. Things change.

“X Factor” Odds To Win It All (Bovada.com)

In fact, Simon Cowell just might win the “X Factor” a second time in three seasons (remember: he coached/mentored Season 1 winner Melanie Amaro). it looks as if Rubio will play Lovat’s Season 2 part — where all her artists are voted off early, so she simply get to sit and critique for the rest of the season. 6. Bovada puts them at 7/2 odds to win it all. And if its an all-Simon finale? Watch that self-satisfied smirk of Cowell’s become a permanent fixture by season’s end.

Restless Road — 3/1

Lillie McCloud — 4/1

Rachel Potter — 6/1

Alex and Sierra — 6/1

Rion Paige — 9/1

Carlito Olivero — 11/1

Khaya Cohen — 12/1

Ellona Santiago — 14/1

Carlos Guevara — 16/1

Jeff Gutt — 20/1

Tim Olstad — 20/1

Sweet Suspense — 66/1

Down at the other end of the odds lists is another of Simon Cowell’s Groups, Restless Road. Take, for instance, the country duo, the Swon Brothers, on Season 4 of “The Voice.” They had the next-to-worst odds of winning (50/1) and managed to come in third place. All oddsmakers have her at 4/1 to win. Most other oddsmakers put the trio at 3/1 odds, with online booking site Bet365 giving them slightly better odds at 11/4.

“X Factor Odds To Win It All (PaddyPower.com)

As can be seen clearly, the oddsmakers have no problem seeing a face-off between two of Simon Cowell’s or two of Kelly Rowland’s artists in the finale, or given their placement, a showdown between Cowell’s Restless Road and Rowland’s Lillie McCloud.

Restless Road — 7/2

Lillie McCloud — 4/1

Rachel Potter — 6/1

Alex and Sierra — 13/2

Rion Paige — 19/2

Khaya Cohen — 10/1

Carlito Olivero — 12/1

Ellona Santiago — 12/1

Carlos Guevara — 14/1

Jeff Gutt — 14/1

Tim Olstad — 14/1

Sweet Suspense — 50/1. The producers threw the Top 12 a party Monday night, giving the artists a chance to relax and unwind before last-minute preparations for Wednesday’s Top 12 performance night, where the decision of who will be sent home will be taken from the judges’ hands and placed at the fingertips of the voting viewing audience. It just so happens that Bovada also gives Sweet Suspense 50/1 odds.

The “X Factor” (US) went live last week and the Top 16 were narrowed down to the Top 12 finalists, leaving the judges with three team members each to contest for the Season 3 title. But, if the oddsmakers are correct in their estimations, his group Sweet Suspense, a trio of teen girls, just might be the first artist voted off the show